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Strategy for 2021

Posted 6 Feb '21


By Kay Ridge

The pandemic has been great for Dash Social business as we focus on our professional clients and their ability to get noticed through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is introducing an integration fo the LinkedIn pages and Elevate with a "My Company" Tab -the “My Company” Tab* includes newfeatures like employee milestones, so you can celebrate promotions, anniversaries, and company new hires. It also surfaces trending content from your coworkers and recommendations to connect with people you may know at your organisation.

Our Facebook and Instagram clients are also enjoying anew lease of life and we are in the process of resuming 6 month strategies for the month of January.

These posts are about informing your reader on what you do without trying to sell to them. It may be telling them about your new building or staff member.

Predictions for 2021

By Kay Ridge

As we all know 2020 was pretty rough on all of us -or was it? Our work as definitely increased and the majority of my clients have never been busier. When researching Experts estimate that we have had a 10-year growth in just an eight week period. Social commerce is definitely booming, proving now more than ever that social media is crucial in the role of sales funnels. The rebirth of QR codes are now everywhere and it will be interesting to see if the information we leave behind at venues is utilized in the future.

Tik Tok has had its challenges in 2020 and gaming is going mainstream. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is more important than ever and is now being fully integrated into LinkedIn.

Social media platforms are becoming search engines in their own rights. People are typing keywords, hashtags, locations or profiles in platforms search bars to find the content of interests. And social bios, the number and profile of your followers can bump up your social search ranking. (ref Facebook will launch its eCommerce as a major focus in 2021. We've already seen the first stages of Facebook's next big revenue push, with the introduction of Shops on Facebook and Instagram, which simplifies the process of building an eCommerce outlet on the world's most used digital platform. LinkedIn has now surpassed 700 million members and continues to have record levels of engagement, it is the leading platform for professionals.

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