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To be a Keynote Speaker, you need to have a passion for telling a story. A story that resonates with your audience is why I do my homework, find out about the organisation and their members and provide tangible insights for them to take home.

My presentations are helpful, insightful and actionable—advice gained from years of experience working with some of Australia’s leading brands.

So many businesses today find social media and marketing daunting. Still, it doesn’t have to be, and with a bit of guidance, my interactive sessions lay out the marketing concept and take you through a process of understanding how all marketing fits together to attract the right audience - step by step.

Customised for your audience no matter what industry, my presentations empower you to take action, use the digital and marketing tools available for you to drive engagement, create purposeful connections and boost your bottom line.

My speaking availability is limited so please connect as soon as you can.

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Client Testimonials

Kay is an incredible public speaker. Kay rigorously plans and prepares prior to the speaking event and spends time generating excitement and positivity around the topic and event. She ensures she creates exciting and consistent content, slides and info books to support audience engagement throughout the presentation. She breaks down complex topics into manageable chunks of actionable information and speaks directly to her target audience through deliberate language and tone choice. Her vocal variety and the gestures used throughout her presentations keep her audience hooked from start to finish. I recommend Kay for your next conference or event!

Sarah McLoughlin

I had the pleasure to attend one of Kay's workshops recently. Not only did I learn about how I wasn't even touching the surface of LinkedIn as resource for my business.  Kay has helped me with all my social media and was very patient and explained things in a clear and precise manner. I have since attended her Linkedin workshop too.  Where I learnt some very valuable tips on how to get myself out into the market place.      

Stephanie Brown
Pure Goddess Design 

I have just come out of a workshop with Kay on how to improve my Linkedin profile and how good was both the content and the presentation format. Kay gave me clear insights into what to change along with why I was making the change to relate each point back to how a person would see the profile and what they would be looking for. When to be more formal and when to show a human side. I can highly recommend going along to one of Kay's workshops to improve your presence in the digital world.

Victor Nicholls
Spatial Innovation

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