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How to grow your business with facebook groups

Posted 23 Feb


How to grow your business with facebook groups

Facebook Groups are relatively untapped concerning engaging with your customers to grow your business. Facebook Groups for business will allow you to build your members (fans) communities. Facebook announced in 2018 that the algorithm for the newsfeed

 would change, and the priority would be now on posts that created more fabulous user experiences and meaningful interactions. Facebook groups have a few under-utilised applications, such as social learning and watch parties. 

So why build a community on Facebook Groups rather than your Facebook Page?


Facebook Business Profile?

  • Your Business Facebook page is your public identity for business updates and information. It is visible over the internet via search engines such as Google, and only the official brand owner can create one.
  • Your Facebook page for business will collect analytical information, including information about your audience Like and comment on posts on your Facebook Business Page.
  • Business Page is where you make announcements.


Facebook Group for Business?

  • The place where you create relationships and turn your members into fans.
  • Facebook Groups can be public, private or secret.
  • Groups are where you have conversations.
  • Direct line to your customers.
  • Place to create loyal customers.
  • Content from Facebook Groups pleases the Facebook algorithm as it is designed to prioritise Facebook groups with high engagement.

    What are the different Facebook groups?

    Public Facebook Groups

    • Anyone can see, post or share
    • Anyone can see your members administrators and moderators
    • You are visible to all potential group members and customers
    • No restrictions on joining
    • Members are automatically permitted to join
    • Difficult to moderate when anyone can post
    • Page is affiliated with your business

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    Private Facebook Groups

    • Moderators or Administrators manually accept members
    • Show up in searches
    • Current members only can view who belongs to the group
    • Current Members can see who is posting and sharing
    • The group is searchable but controlled
    • Anyone on Facebook can see who the Moderators and Administrators are

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    Secret Facebook Groups

    • It cannot be viewed on searches
    • Same settings as a private group
    • More difficult to build and maintain your membership
    • Manual invitations

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    Social Learning

    • Treated like a regular group
    • Administrators can organise posts into guides.
    • Administrators can change the order of guides.
    • Group members can interact with the guides and click “I am done” a message is sent to the administrator advising of the interaction.
    • Access to group insights to see details of guides and posts

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    Watch Party

    A relatively new feature for Facebook is within the Facebook group App. The App allows group members to watch a video together, similar to Facebook Live; however, the host invites members separately to view preloaded videos.

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