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Leveraging the New LinkedIn Part 2

Posted 20 Feb '23


Social Media Marketing

The Latest Features on LinkedIn (part 2)

In 2023 LinkedIn is launching many new features. Some features are still in BETA stage while others are being launched globally. his blog is part two of the series.

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LinkedIn Company Pages

  1. Notification bell -used so viewers can be alerted to new posts and newsletters.

  2. Scheduling posts in BETA will be available on the desktop first.

  3. BETA TESTING: [Discover] with [Tabbed Feed] will separate our Feeds into Top, Video, Newsletters, & Events.

  4. Company pages will be able to comment on other company Pages.

  5. Content showcase pages are now showing as affiliated pages.

  6. Employees will be able to verify their employment.

  7. Employees will have a category marked "Employee Post".

  8. Activity Filter will allow Company page admins the ability to filter activity by (Requests +), (Comments +), (Mentions +), (Posts +), (Reposts +), (Reactions +) & (Analytics +), making it easier to engage.
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LinkedIn Company Pages are built for information relating to company activities.

How do I set up a Company Profile on LinkedIn

  1. Product Pages will be introduced (not to be confused with Showcase pages).

  2. Newsletters will be displayed on your profile, like shared interests, pages, and groups.

  3. Analytics will show a Company Engagement Report.

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LinkedIn Content

  1. Reposting: The Repost option is shown in the Share tab menu. 

  2. Post templates: Currently, this functionality is only available on your smartphone.
  3. Events, directly share your Event on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. LinkedIn also introduces a "Share outside LinkedIn" button for other LinkedIn pages. Tagging feature in newsletters and articles will be possible. 

  5. Group Prompt for a Post. Prior users used different tabs to post or repost content within their groups. Now, select groups from your "successful post" pop-up and share them in the groups that permit you to post content.

  6. Pin a Comment: LinkedIn allowed users of certain regions to pin essential comments to the top of their posts before its global launch. To check if you can pin comments to your post, go to the relevant comment, click the three dots and select the Pin comment option in the drop-down.

Linkedin marketing strategy - social media marketing strategy

How do I set up a Company Profile on LinkedIn

  1. Add links to Rich Media. This feature is available to select users of LinkedIn's Beta version. It allows you to add Links to Rich media attachments to your post, whether an image or a video. 

  2. Create a Carousel. This Beta test feature is currently available in the UK and is expected to be rolled out globally. It will allow you to create Carousel Posts from the 'more' icon menu of your Post window.

Kay's Corner

Social Media Marketing

How To Turn On Your Sales Funnel with LinkedIn Newsletters

Your sales funnel can also be supercharged by a LinkedIn newsletter as part of your marketing strategy. They essentially build more awareness for your brand and widen your audience reach.

They increase user retention - you can see this in your LinkedIn Insight Data. Your subscribers will interact more with your content and connect with current followers, as they engage with your Newsletter updates. Validating your expertise and increasing your credibility. 

Newsletters can help at any stage of your sales funnel. All data is measurable and predictable - when you have a marketing strategy that leverages a LinkedIn newsletter campaign.

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Helpful hints

A LinkedIn Company profile represents everything to do with your business., and a company page is linked to a Personal LinkedIn Profile.
Showcase Pages and Product Pages sit off the company page as does the Company Newsletter.

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