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How to create the best social media marketing strategy for 2022

Posted 13 Jan '22


Getting Started with Your Marketing Strategy for Social Media in 2022 - by Kay Ridge

Grow your social media audience by creating or refining your social media strategy; here are some helpful hints to help you. 

All company’s business goals are different; their social media strategy will be too. Defining your business goals for social media will save you time and energy. Define your goals - For example -is your business goal to grow an audience or create brand awareness?

Whatever your goals are, defining them is a primary step in your social media strategy, discover where your customers are.

Look at your branding and your message being relayed across all social media platforms.

Without a SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY, the effort you put in is a lost cause.

Identify Your Audience

Identify who is your existing audience and who is your targeted audience. Curate content specifically for your targeted audience.

Create a Strong Brand Presence.

Brand presence is critical for building your social profiles and social strategy. Brand images and profile pictures are essential, as is your tone and voice. This allows your audience to see your vision and mission for your organisation.

Imagery and visuals speak your brand persona, ensure you have a unified brand voice and your messaging is across all social channels

Create Delightful Content

Determine what type of content you wish to post. Vary the posts you publish and based on your audience per platform you use. LinkedIn content will be a longer form, written posts. But Twitter posts are short burst tweets that can contain images. Determine the content type, length, and add-ons (i.e., videos, GIFs, emojis, photos), keep a record of the content you have posted so you may repurpose later. 

Social Listening

Social Listening is described as the process of understanding the online conversation about your brand, including your products and services. It allows you to analyse what your audience is saying, what they are thinking and how they are feeling about your business. So to understand our audience, we need to collect data from social platforms to analyse trends and insights.

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