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Social Media Trends 2022 - A Guide by Dash Social

Posted 15 Mar '22


Article By Kay Ridge

2022 is going to be about the customer experience, curated posts will have more personality, and privacy will be one of the continued concerning factors in social media.

Customer Service

As Shoppers are becoming more comfortable with online shopping, they insist on better customer service., and as social media platforms are all about the user experience the social channels will rate user engagement highly.

Social Media Accountability

Social Media accountability will increase, as governments are now warning the likes of Facebook that they need to be accountable for the content posted on their platform.

Short Video

TikTok is ahead of the game when it comes to short video, so much so that YouTube has created Shorts, and Instagram has stated that the emphasis on its platform will be video over images.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Studies indicate a mixed consumer reaction to augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR). Bizrate insights advise that nearly four in 10 US adults have not used and are not interested in using AR and VR while shopping. However, 23% of those who haven't tried AR and VR are very interested in doing so. Facebook has rebranded as Meta, and Microsoft has announced Mesh, a metaverse for its Teams platform. Snapchat also utilises this new technology by opening virtual pop up stores for Coke and Walmart.

Mental Health in 2022

The big players are well aware of its influence on our mental health. The platforms can leave us drained, depressed, exhausted and feeling manipulated. The big players have been researching how best to respond to this dilemma. YouTube has removed dislike counts, and Twitter has introduced "safety mode", filtering abusive tweets.

Facebook Groups

Numerous features are being introduced to make groups more robust and appealing. Additions include creating subgroups and creating shops for selling merchandise, community fundraisers, and a host of admin features. Live Audio rooms have also been introduced to connect more intimately with your members.

Creator Mode for LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has created Creator Mode to encourage and support professionals and businesses to support organisations brand messaging. LinkedIn will launch a short video feature as part of its Creator Mode, similar to its competitors Instagram Reels and TikTok.  The short-form video feature was announced in 2021 after LinkedIn discontinued the Stories feature and acquired a tutorial video app called Jumprope.

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