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How to Gain the Highest Reach on your posts -Easy have a Marketing SEO Strategy

Posted 4 Oct '22


10 Takeaways to gain the highest reach of your LinkedIn posts.

Richard van der Blom has released the LinkedIn Algorithm Report 2022 which gives 57 pages
of LinkedIn data.

Key Takeaways from Report

 1. The first 90 minutes after posting is crucial, so wait to edit your post. Otherwise, you will see a 10-40% reduction in reach.

2. Responding to comments in the following 12 hours is crucial.

3. Liking a post increases the chance of seeing the following post from that author by 30%.

4. Commenting on a post increases the chance of seeing the following post from the same author by 70%.

5. Sending a direct message via LinkedIn increases the chance of seeing the following post from your recipient by 85%. 

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Helpful hints

Join LinkedIn and make as many connections as you can.  Remember it is not necessarily your current connections that you will do business with, but your connection's connections -yes six degrees of separation.

6. Be sure not to comment on your post first. This reduces reach by 20%.

7. You receive +25% reach if your S.S.I. score is above 70. This is your Social Selling Index Score which scores how effectively you are using LinkedIn as a social media platform.

8. Members with Creator Mode enabled to receive, on average, 15 - 35% more reach.

9. Video converts up to 4x times more, so adding a 30-second profile/cover video (which you can do on your mobile phone) is essential.

10. Engaging Company pages perform three times better than those that only publish.

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