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Using Blog Strategy to Increase Market Visibility

Posted 12 Jul '22


How do I increase my market visibility?

One of the key ways you can become more visible is to maintain  a regular presence on your social platforms and creating content on your website. Blogs are a fantastic way to promote your business and let Google know that your website content is fresh.

So how do you find blog topics if you are not a writer -we have created 11 thought provoking ideas to help you.

When choosing blog topics consider:

  1. Target audience: What topics will your target audience find interesting or useful?
  2. Niche: What is the focus of your blog? What topics fall within your area of expertise?
  3. Trends: What topics are currently trending in your industry?
  4. Evergreen content: What topics have a long shelf life and will remain relevant for an extended period?
  5. Problem solving: What problems can you solve for your audience?
  6. Personal experience: Can you share unique experiences or insights that your audience can relate to?
  7. Research: Use keyword research tools to find popular search terms related to your niche and use them as inspiration for your blog topics. Talk to me about discovering some free tools! CLICK HERE
  8. Use social media to see what people are talking about. You can use hashtags to find conversations about particular subjects and use these topics as inspiration.

Now, I should have thought of that!

Find out the 8 Secrets of a Copywriter

  1. Keep a running list of ideas. Ask your audience on social media for topics they would like to know more about.
  2. Create a series of blogs that all run along the SAME THEME!!

Does blog content help my SEO?

OMG Yes. Blogging can help your Search Engine Optimisation as you are providing fresh content and Google Algorithms love fresh new content.

Well would you look at that?!

Marketing Strategy

Helpful hints

Adding back links on your blog will assist Google in understanding that your website has valuable content.  Add at least two links and if you can link to a government organisation do so, as this will also assist your ranking.

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