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Have you had your Facebook hacked?

Posted 6 Apr '21


By Kay Ridge

How to Secure Your Facebook Account

Have you been Facebook hacked? It’s not pleasant; in fact, it is terrifying that someone can steal your identity.

Unfortunately, it is more status of when it will happen rather than if it will happen. Therefore, we need to implement password protections and go further when we look at Facebook to ensure that our identity is protected. Facebook tells us that if you believe you are hacked, you should visit the Facebook help page, and you will be asked to change your password and review any recent activity.

Things to watch out for to identify if you have been hacked are things like your birthdate has changed, your mobile number has changed, friend requests sent to people that are not friends you don’t know them at all, or you have messages and posts you have never created.

To avoid being Facebook hacked, one of the first things you should do after reading this post goes into your privacy settings

with Facebook and ensure that your password is encrypted or at the least hard to guess (no abc123!); always check the websites URL (at the top of the page) before you enter any information and don’t forward emails from Facebook to other people.

Facebook also tells us that you can get alerts about unrecognized logins. This is done by a link sent to you to identify and confirm your own identity.

Privacy settings and tools can be found in Facebook settings. Identify privacy basics, who can see your future posts, how people can find you, and how to manage any messaging requests. You also have the ability to “block” people in this area.

Help and support are available through Facebook by going to the down arrow on the top right-hand corner and reporting a problem or seeking help. This is also where you will see messages about your account.

Be Kid Safe

At Dash Social, we suggest that if you allow your children to use Facebook (not recommended) that you have a look at here, you can access a Parents Portal and a Youth Portal.

Be Photo Safe

This is also an area where you can report to Facebook if an intimate photo of you has been shared without your permission.

Be Safe & Secure

Lastly, you can review Facebook's Security Checkup, here to double-check that you have all of the security in place.

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