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Choosing a Social Media Agency

Posted 7 Mar '23



How do you know if Dash Social is the right Social Media Agency for you?

You know you need marketing and are ready to engage a professional, so how do you know if you are choosing the right social media marketing agency for your business?
Here is our personal brand qualities we think should be industry-wide requirements - We couldn't feel successful without these pieces of our brand strategy:

  • Brand Compatibility
  • Our Capabilities
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Know How
  • We Love Our Clients
  • Realistic Marketing Budget
  • Transparent Testimonials
  • Focussed on ROI
  • We Play In Our Own Backyard.
  • Get the Right Fit
  • Website Content Consistency
  • Customised Service

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Why Choose Dash Social As Your Social Media Agency?

We Check For Compatibility

When choosing a Social Media Marketing Agency your business comes first. Dash Social adopts your vision and message, including your brand's voice and tone. We listen to you, and we are uniquely interested in your story and how your brand became your passion. 

We Have The Availability

As Your Local Social Media Marketing Agency Dash Social - we provide dedicated account managers to look after you so your business is supported with priority.   

Latest Know How

Your Marketing Agency should be an expert in their field, whether that is a Specialist in LinkedIn, Facebook or any of the other social media marketing channels. Kay Ridge, our Founder and Senior Marketing Strategist is a LinkedIn specialist and regularly is asked to be a Keynote Speaker to talk about everything LinkedIn.

Always Social
  Always Loyal
Always Available

Industry Loyalty

Your Marketing Agency should only take on one client per industry; otherwise, they compete against themselves. Once we have engaged with a Client, that industry is closed with Dash Social.

We Love Our Clients

When discussing your marketing, we are passionate about how we can help you grow your business. Here at Dash Social, we are passionate about making marketing easy.

Latest Knowledge
  Latest Technology
Latest Updates


Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Sydney | Melbourne 

Social Media

As easy as 1, 2, 3.


Determine your Marketing Strategy


Create your Content Marketing Plan


Execute and Drive Engagement

SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing made easy



Your Brand Advocate. This is who we are. 

Realistic Marketing Budget

Marketing should be about thirty per cent of your Gross Profit. Discuss your budget with Dash Social. As your Social Media Marketing Agency, we tailor our fees to be affordable, providing as much support and guidance as possible within your budget. Ask us what we can do within your budget. Our agency is open to discussing all parts of marketing and how we can become a key contributor to your business.

Transparent Testimonials

Read Our Agency's Google Reviews or LinkedIn Recommendations.

Focussed on ROI 

We outline KPIs for every marketing strategy - this is holistically applied as we as work with you to achieve success - to keep both us and your business .accountable for staying on track. Dash Social is an Organic agency which means we work on increasing growth through reach and impressions (not paid advertising).

We Play In Our Own Backyard.

You have heard the saying about a Plumber having the worst plumbing in his own home because he is too busy to attend to his own backyard, well the same can be said about Social Media Agencies. Dash Social posts on Facebook, LinkedIn,  Google My Business, and Instagram. Check out our social channels and see if it resonates with you.

Always Social
  Always Loyal
Always Available

Get the Right Fit

A Social Media marketing agency's blog can relay much about the agency and how they write. Remember that marketing is the core function of blogging, you can get a feel for our strategy by reading our blog. Secondary - SEO - we are a holistic marketing agency. We create organic content that works on all of your platforms - including email marketing - so read our blogs and reach out once you know it a good fit!

Website Content Consistency

Check out our website if you are considering Dash Social; you will notice that we update our content regularly and consistently. Consistency is the key to reliability - we are here for your business. Content and Strategy is updated to stay relevant with your target market. As ours was recently updated too. You will notice our website has fresh content and new blogs every week!

Customised Service

Some Marketing agencies will offer the same marketing strategy to all their clients. Dash Social provides a customised service as each client has a unique audience that they wish to target and may require a different marketing strategy.

Find Your Tribe

Work with an Agency that understands how hard it can be to be in business and has a vision for your business and your business growth.

Dash Social Makes Marketing Easy

Talk to Dash Social about YOUR Business

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