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Dash Social provides advice on how to best manage your Social Media, create engaging content and stay on brand. We can also Design, Approach and Strategise. Dash Social is a social media agency delivering business-fit solutions for all your social media platforms. Combining business defining strategies, creative content, with purposeful placement, the power of Customer Engagement is at the tip of your fingers. We plan to achieve desired outcomes that create human connections. Let us do the hard work while you reap the rewards.

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Social Media at Dash Social


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$250 inc GST 100% QOIN
This session is only for QOIN clients, to get support for your Social Media without signing up to Dash Social's Ongoing Services 


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PLEASE NOTE: Reach out to us if you need our services or you would like a quote to engage with Dash Social, as these sessions are designed as casual sessions, and are priced accordingly. This is not a pricing indicator. 

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