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Business Influence | Community Management



  • Continual campaign to run as community manager to ensure that posts are relevant and prevent stalking and negative comments 
  • Platorm Strategy - Facebook 


    Our Client is well known as a leader in the financial sector and Platform Speaker.

    We worked with this Client to retain her reputation as an expert in her field

    • Developing content to increase engagement rates across the platform
    • Supporting PR campaign and strategic messaging across Facebook
    • Streamlining imagery used on the platform for brand consistency
    • ┬áManaging community management and social networking efforts
    • Integrating user-generated content into social media efforts (when available)


    • Developed consistent social media content categories focused on driving key messaging. Categories include
    • Increasing brand awareness
    • Promote Clients brand identity
    • Articles and Opinions: Highlighting press coverage and news related to Clients workshops and engagements


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