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Getting the content mix right

Posted 6 Feb '21


By Kay Ridge

In today's world, we continuously look at a better way to post. We all know that we are on social media platforms like Facebook to sell; however everyone pretends that we we are posting for the sake of giving information only. There is a formula that we use and its called the 30-30-30-10 rule. 

#1      Give Value  30%

These posts are about informing your reader on what you do without trying to sell to them. It may be telling them about your new building or staff member.

#2     Promote Others  30%

Promote others. This is a fantastic opportunity to to talk about your suppliers. talk about Bob the delivery guy from Courier-X or Alice who delivers your lunch each day from the bakery down the road. Remember people buy from people they like, and this is an excellent way for your reader and prospect to get to know you and your business a little bit better. 

#3    Promote Yourself  30%

Promote yourself - your company news, awards that you have won talk about your staff entering into an event as a fundraiser, special offers and of course new products.

#4    Inspire the Reader  10%

Inspire your readers, a joke or a scene.

What type of posts?

Type of posts that do well are the how-to posts or links to external content and images and videos rate high in your search engine optimisation (this is how Google ranks you when a customer searches fo you).

How often should I post?

Regarding how often you should post, there is no magical formula. However, the consensus seems to be that posting routinely is more critical then your posting frequency. We should suggest that you use an analytical tool tool such as Page Insights on Facebook as shown below  to evaluate when your posts viewed and on what days, this will assist you in your posting schedule.  It is also vital that what you post is relevant to your business and your brand. Your imagery should also be perceptible, and you must ensure that you do not contravene copyright laws. 

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