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Facebook Hacked - Have you been pwned?

Posted 11 Aug '21


By Kay Ridge

Facebook Hacked?

Have you been pwned?

Sounds rude, doesn't it! I'd never heard of it before. Not until a colleague pointed it out to me, and I delved into it.

The word pwned comes from the world of gaming and comes from the word "owned". It typically refers to something being hacked or compromised, otherwise known as a breach. 

This website looks at breaches from email addresses to phone numbers and everything in between.

It is a great website that will show you if your data has been pasted from your website to another website or if your name appears as a breach from sites you have never been on. One thing to note, however, is that although this website can alert you to the breach, you cannot change the matter after the fact.

Types of breaches

Data breach

A data breach exposes confidential or protected data to an unknown person.

Sensitive breach

This is a data breach where sensitive information is taken without your authority.

Retired breach

This is when data doesn't show on the web but is not being traded.

Unverified breach

This is when data has not been verified on the source.

Fabricated breach

This is when data is presumed to be true when in fact, it is not, and it is traded.

Spam list

This is used when a mass of data is sold for spam targeting


Today, I entered my email address. The excellent news for Dash Social is that we received this positive result.

As an afterthought, I did put in an old email address, and it was pwned! The website provided the following data, and thankfully all breaches were old. The website provided the following data, and thankfully all breaches were old.

We highly recommend implementing some kind of Password protection LastPass or 1Password or any of the other password protection software. 

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